On my days off…?

Hello, first time for a blog for everyone I guess.

I thought it would be important to start writing about my experiences as a performer. Hoping it will get me into a good discipline of writing more and hopefully better. This in turn may help me to stay focused on the task at hand, which is of course to be the best actor in the world, or at least one of them.

‘You must be an arrogant attention seeking tool.’ Is that something you just thought, or similar to that? Probably not, because y’all so nice! However I probably thought that whenever someone else said that. I want to be the best actor because I simply want to strive for excellence, how I measure, or how anyone measures this is probably impossible and completely subjective, so perhaps I should change my desire to more of; I want to be a great actor, who gives generously of himself to other performers, to be wise with my time, to encourage other actors, to entertain my audience and not to compromise or give up on the task in hand.

I hope that this blog can encourage and in some small way equip other aspiring actors.

Please message me and follow me: @frazerpdblaxland on twitter.

So a little snippet of my days activities, I pretty much spent the whole day looking at IMDB pro and investigating films in development and then emailed the director or casting to director to see if they may consider me. I also discovered that you can up your startmeter by going here: https://www.karmalicity.com

I hope you enjoyed this first brief blog!

Hang in there folks!

Huge love,



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