Self Promotion…always slightly awkward..How to do it nicely.


Good day everyone!

Happy Monday! Well another day searching, looking, promoting, getting this blog out there, no views yet. Some how I’ve got to figure this thing out. If you can help, please TWEET DM me! Or comment below. Thanks!

Have just created a new Facebook page today. Check out Frazer Blaxland! Again…man, is this what a guys gotta do to get some followers around here? Very strange, surely I just want to be known as a good actor? However, sadly that’s not how this industry works is it? There has got to be a lot of shameless self promotion. However there are ways and ways of going about it. Here’s my approach:

  • I know its pretty counter cultural in the industry, but I think honesty is always the greatest policy. ALWAYS! At some point someone is going to find out you can’t horse ride and then, well you lose the job or spend a vast amount of money learning to ride. If you have a policy, make it honesty, whats your policy going to be? Of course, it’s honest!
  • Getting on the popular social networking sites. I’m not sure the other ones are as useful, please correct me if I am wrong.
  • Write a blog and make it interesting, practical and funny. (Hit link for funniness)
  • Trawl through IMDB pro and see what the films in development are and apply away, even very GENTLY ask some casting directors who have there personal emails on there. What you don’t ask you don’t get, am I right?
  • Do a course, I’m doing one with Rose Bruford. City Lit are great, the poor school might help you out as well! It seems to be that a lot of actors who have done training, rarely go back. I think however this is a detriment to their personal and professional development. Go for it! If you can’t afford it, join a good Amateur Dramatics group in your local area and learn from the good and bad. Or just go to open casting/audition days and get feed back from those there.
  • Follow other actors blogs with helpful stuff, this guy is great; Philip Hernandez, he follows back and gives great advice, even if he is American ;).
  • Be youreself…..ooooo CLICHE ALERT. But no joke, if you act all the time you will forget who you are. There is no one like you, you are wonderfully unique, let that be your strength, don’t stop admiring other actors, but please for the love of money DON’T worship them! Or anyone!!!!! Well maybe there is one person you can worship.
  • Don’t let the character posses you, you possess the character. The character is yours, it’s like a coat you can take on or off, or any other clothing related garment, having said that you can use a lot of metaphors for turning things on and off.  You get where I am coming from.

Well there you go, I’ve exhausted all my options, oh wait, no I haven’t, I’m stopping before you get bored and read somebody else’s blog. DON’T DO IT!

Moving on.

Doing some new head shots soon with Clair Newman-Williams. Very, very approachable and lovely! I think it’s going to be a great day and can’t wait, I wish I had booked it sooner, just want to get those bad boys out there as soon as possible.

Anyway, that’s all from me today.

Keep it secret, keep it safe! Oh man I wish someone had told me that about my credit card number!

Big love!



2 thoughts on “Self Promotion…always slightly awkward..How to do it nicely.

  1. keep it up Fraze, I can’t help but admire you not only reaching for your dreams, but actively chasing them. It sorts the followers from the leaders. And you my dear friend (even if it has been nearly a decade since we last met) are a dear dear friend. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much love to you whack-a-mole.
    Tam xox

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