Voice reel

Getting behind the microphone.

I love it, officially, perhaps it’s the combination of doing it with a great friend and sound engineer and the fact that I don’t have to memorise my lines. My buddy who did it works with Swerve Concepts, who are epic! Check them out! 

I think it went well and I hope that it contributes well to my Spotlight page and Casting Call Pro page. I have made sure my agents from Ray Knight and Imperium know about it and they seem to be pleased.

Go to my spotlight page and check them out: Frazer Blaxland.

I really like the Macbeth Monologue because it’s so open to many different interpretations. It allows such range or dynamics and vocality. I hope it comes across.

The other is a poem by Rudyard Kipling, which is a tad longer, however feels so warm and delightful to deliver. It is such a profound poem as well. I love it.

Today has been a bit dull, sent off some character photo’s to Pinewood for a video game. Looks like fun, I hope they can cope.

Spent quite a bit of time of Karmalicity, trying to get to 1000 points. I’m not quite sure what the points do. Hopefully it will boost my IMDB ranking. We shall see. I really do appreciate writing this blog as it allows me not to feel entirely useless. I hope that those out there, when, or if they get a chance to read it will be encouraged that sometimes things are just like this, if you are an actor or not. Hang in there!

Anybody else got any thoughts on resting days?

Huge love!



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