How to be an extra/supporting artist.

I am proud to say I am a supporting ariste. I have no shame in doing the work. Poppycock to all those who are actors and say it’s not good for your career, well, perhaps there is a little truth for some. However check this out- Read me

Today I played the role of a Skin Head in the 70’s! It Twas epic! Dressing up! Bit of acting, taking direction from the director. Just great stuff. 

Ray Knight are the agency I work for. They have put me forward for a number of castings as well. They are lovely to work for and I have been very fortunate. 

I would say that being an extra gives you a wonderful insight into the industry that many people including jobbing actors might not get a chance to see that often. I am not gloating, but it is often the case. You get to see the world behind the camera, which is great because you can see the expectations of the directors, producers and assistant directors. You get to see some amazing actors doing their thing. Most importantly you get to network with other actors who are in a similar position and they give you great advice. And sometimes not so great. Just keep your head on. 

So, don’t knock it till you try it. 

Huge love! 



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